Washer / Dryer Repair

Your washing machine and dryer are indispensable appliances in a modern home. They also need to be serviced a lot. In the case of your washing machine, it has to do with having many moving parts. With both appliances, it has to do with constant use for years and years. When the washing machine or dryer breaks down, your laundry piles up either dirty or wet. When either of these important appliances is not working properly, call Chad’s Appliance Repair of Choctaw for fast and efficient repairs.

At Chad’s our technicians are certified to repair all of the major dryer and washing machine brands. They have years of experience and can repair virtually all problems on a single, same-day service call.

If your washing machine will not agitate, won’t turn on, or is not getting the clothes clean, call us at Chad’s right away. If your dryer is not heating up, not drying your clothes, or does not turn on, Chad’s is your best appliance repair choice in Choctaw, Oklahoma. What all are the problems that these appliances have and how do we deal with them? First, let’s look at washing machines and then dryers.

Why Does a Washing Machine Break Down?

When your washing machine is not working correctly, or not at all, there are usually more problems than just one. Issues that we commonly deal with include damaged drive motors and pumps, worn-out agitator cogs, switches, drive belts, and inlet valves. To find all of the problems, you need a clear knowledge of how this complicated device works. And, you need to specialized tools required for diagnosis and repairs.

Common Washing Machine Repair Issues

Loud Washing Machine Noises

A noisy washing machine can have problems with its drive motor, belt, shock absorbers, the impeller, the motor, or the pump. Some problems can be fixed with repairs and others require new parts. In almost every case, one problem part has caused damage to another. We can fix any of these problems on a same-day visit.

Leaking Washing Machine

A damaged hose is the most common reason that your washer leaks. But, we always check the pump and inlet valve for damage as well. These are same-day repair for our certified technicians.

The Washing Machine Does Not Spin

This is typically a problem with the coupling of the drive motor but a damaged door switch can also cause this. The diagnosis and repairs are routine for our professional team.

Why Do Dryers Break Down?

Anything including a blown-out thermal fuse, failed drum seal, a faulty thermostat, or damaged heating element may cause your dryer not to work correctly. Worn belts and broken drum support rollers are also common issues. Igniters are also problems with some brands of gas dryers.

When Is It Time to Replace Your Washing Machine or Dryer?

Dryers last a little over a dozen years on the average. You will want to replace yours if it needs frequent repairs and has outlived its expected working life. Ask our certified technician if the current repairs are likely to last a long time or if it is time for a new model.

When Should I Replace My Washing Machine?

If your washing machine is a dozen years old and in need of frequent repairs, it is time to check out a new model. This will save you money in the long run.

For any problems with your washing machine or dryer, call us today at Chad’s Appliance Repair of Choctaw, Oklahoma.