Refrigerator Repair

A refrigerator is an appliance that we ignore while it does its job day in and day out for years. Then, it acts up or breaks down and we take immediate notice. Now the food is going to go bad and you need the refrigerator fix in a hurry or you will have to move your food or lose it. You are lucky if you live in or around Choctaw, Oklahoma because you can call Chad’s Appliance Repair for prompt and professional service. We will send out an experienced, certified technician to get your refrigerator back in working order within hours of your original phone call for help. With many years of experience repairing major

Our technicians have years of experience and training for repairing all major refrigerator brands including Frigidaire, LG, Kenmore, GE, Viking, Maytag, Samsung, and Bosch. For short-term cooling of the perishable items in the refrigerator, we suggest buying dry ice, putting it in the refrigerator, and closing the door until we arrive.

Why Did Your Refrigerator Break Down?

A refrigerator malfunctions for any of several reasons. In fact, there is typically more than one thing wrong with the refrigerator breaks down. Condenser coils get clogged. Compressors and compressor relays wear out. And, defrost timers and heaters as well as the temperature control bet damaged and don’t work correctly. Switches and door seals get damaged as well. The list goes on and on but these are the most common refrigerator repair issues that we deal with.

The problem can be fixed by repairing a broken component or by installing new parts when a repair is not possible. While many repairs are relatively simple, knowing what to do is not. Because of the interrelationships of various refrigerator parts, one broken part may indicate problems elsewhere. The first step in fixing a broken-down refrigerator is a thorough examination of all parts of this complicated appliance. And, because different brands operate differently, it is different every time.

That is basically why we advise against DIY repair jobs. All too often something gets missed and the end result is wasted time and greater expense. Furthermore, some parts need specialized equipment to check them out. It takes a technician with up to date certification accurately use this equipment and get accurate answers. And, last but least, if you tinker with your refrigerator, you may lose the protection of your warranty!

That’s why the smart choice is to call the pros at Chad’s Appliance Repair of Choctaw.

Troubleshooting Common Refrigerator Repair Issues

Loud Refrigerator Noises

When the refrigerator is making loud noises like rattles and squeals, the typical issues have to do with the ice maker or evaporator fan. If the sound is louder when you open the door, your trouble is with the condenser or evaporator. Something trapped by the blades will not only cause a racket but also cause permanent damage if not removed. And, if any noise-making problem is not addressed, you will typically end up with a very quiet refrigerator because it will cease to function. Call us at Chad’s for loud refrigerator noises.

The Refrigerator Does Not Get Cold Enough

The first thing to check is the temperature setting. If this is OK, your condenser coils may be the problem when the refrigerator does not cool down enough. Sometimes the issue is debris buildup and a good cleaning will solve the problem. Otherwise, you will need to fix or replace either the motor of the condenser fan or evaporator fan.

If the problem is a bad capacitor or broken start relay, these need to be replaced.

A Leaking Refrigerator

There are several reasons for a leaky refrigerator. These include damaged water inlet valves, defrost pans, bad inlet valves, a damaged water filter, or a problem with the water tank. Sometimes the problem is fixed by simply reinstalling the part correctly. More commonly, you need to install new parts.

When Is It Time for a Replacement Refrigerator?

A refrigerator from a major brand should last between fifteen and twenty years. If it is older and working fine, we suggest routine maintenance. If you have been making repairs more and more frequently, it is time to buy a newer model. We will be pleased to make suggestions based on your needs, install the new refrigerator, and take away the old one. Call us for any refrigerator problems at Chad’s Appliance Repair of Choctaw.