Oven Repair

Have any of these things happened to you? The oven door will not close when you want to bake a pizza or a batch of cookies. Or, maybe the door closes but the oven will not turn on. And, maybe your oven turns on but only gets warm and not hot.

Do not panic. Choctaw residents can call Chad’s Appliance Repair and have an inspection scheduled for the same day. We will send out one of our certified technicians who will diagnose the problem and make repairs the same day.

Our appliance service techs have many years of experience and can repair any ovens or stoves, all brands, and models. Our highly-qualified workers have seen virtually every oven problem and can fix almost all problems on the spot.

Why Did Your Oven Break Down?

Many things can go wrong with an oven. The circuitry that ignites the oven may be damaged. A pilot light can go out. Stuck doors might need to be repaired. And, gaskets and thermostats may need to be replaced.

You may want to fix your oven yourself. But, oven repairs can be difficult and occasionally dangerous. Leave this job to certified technicians who have years of experience fixing damaged ovens. Many repairs are easy to make but know what to fix and what to leave alone is more difficult. All too often a failed DIY repair job makes things worse and ends up costing more money. An oven is an important appliance and not something you want to be practicing on when the family needs to eat.

The irony of DIY repairs is the people do them in order to save money and typically end up spending more than if they had asked for professional help right away. Save yourself time, headaches, and expenses by calling Chad’s Appliance Repair today.

Safety is a concern as well. Twenty percent of electrical deaths in the USA are related to appliances. Don’t start out trying to save money by fixing your own oven end up being a “statistic.” Hire a pro who knows what safety precautions to follow.

Troubleshooting Common Oven Repair Problems

The Oven Does Not Heat Up

When this happens, check the pilot light of a gas oven. If you have an electric oven, make sure it is plugged in, that the circuit breaker has not flipped off, and that your home is getting electricity. If your pilot light is out, light it. If the oven is getting electricity and now heating up, you have a defective heating element or grill. Check both of them by turning on the oven. The elements should glow bright red when they are hot. The ones that don’t turn red need to be replaced.

The Oven Door Will Not Close

Bad hinges or a damaged runner are the usual reasons why an oven door will not shut correctly. We will re-align them if we can and otherwise replace them. If it a bad door seal, it needs to be replaced as well.

A self-cleaning oven might not open after it completes the cleaning cycle. This is a problem with the self-cleaning latches and it may also affect the ability of the oven to complete the cleaning cycle. These are problems that we routinely see and fix.

The Oven Overheats

When the oven’s built-in sensors become damaged or when the thermostat malfunctions, the oven can become too hot. This is a dangerous situation for when you need immediate professional help. Call us at Chad’s Appliance Repair for same-day repairs. Never try to fix this on your own!

When Do I Need to Replace My Oven?

The average oven lasts up to ten years. This applies to single and double ovens, ranges, and built-in models. When you need frequent repairs for an oven that is a decade old, it is time to consider a new model. We always prefer to fix your oven and give it more years of service but there comes a time when we will tell you that the more cost-effective solution will be to buy a new oven. We will be pleased to install it for you and cart away the old model.

For any repair issues with your oven, call Chad’s today for prompt, courteous, and professional service.