Ice Maker Repair

Ice makers are very convenient. And for a party, it is nice not to have to go out and buy bags of ice or try to make do with standard ice cube trays. Luckily, ice-making machines, built-in and stand-alone models, tend to last a long time.

But, when the ice maker decides not to make ice or acts up in other ways, call for a certified technician to fix the problem. Call us at Chad’s Appliance Repair in Choctaw for same-day professional service. We will send a technician to diagnose the problem and fix it the same day that you ask us for help.

The Kinds of Ice Makers That We Repair

Chad’s Appliance Repair maintains and repairs any of these types of ice makers.

  • Built-in ice makers
  • Portable ice machines
  • Freezer ice makers
  • Ice machines that are free-standing

Common Ice Maker Issues

Several problems may how your ice maker functions. These are some of the most common.

1.     The Ice Make Does Not Make Ice Cubes

A problem with the water supply is the typical reason that an ice maker will not make ice cubes. If you are getting small or no ice cubes, check the lines for the water supply. The lines have to be connected correctly and not damaged or clogged. Line blockage results in small ice cubes or none at all.

Also, water flow is blocked by damaged or blocked filters. These should be changed every six months. Our certified technicians will find the problem and fix it on the spot.

2.     The Water Supply to the Ice Maker Freezes

You won’t get any ice cubes if the water supply freezes in the supply line. Sometimes, you simply get a big block of ice and not individual cubes. This problem is the result of a broken thermostat. But, when you set the temperature too low, this problem can happen then too.

Check your temperature settings first. Then, make sure that your settings are in the right range by reading the owner’s manual. If changing settings does not resolve the issue, call us at Chad’s Appliance Repair for same-day repairs.

3.     The Ice Cubes Stick in the Ice Maker and Don’t Fall into the Bin

This common ice maker problem usually happens because the ice maker is set in the incorrect mode. Fix this by reading the owner’s manual and using the right settings.

Many ice makers have an arm that raises and lowers. Raising and lowering the arm regulates ice production. You can stop the ice maker from making any more ice by raising the arm. If the arm gets stuck in the “up” position for some reason you need to change that. If that is not the problem, call a professional for repairs.

Contact Chad’s Appliance Repair of Choctaw, Oklahoma

When you are having problems with an ice maker, call us right away. We offer fast and reliable service at competitive prices. Our certified technicians know how to fix all brands and models of ice makers and will get the job done the day that you ask for help.

We service all major brands of ice makers, including Kenmore, KitchenAid, Whirlpool, Samsung, and Frigidaire. Call us right away to schedule an appliance repair service visit.