Freezer Repair

It is when your freezer quits working that you suddenly realize how much food you were preserving and how much money you will lose if it goes bad. This is not a repair issue that can wait for another day. You need it fixed now or find a place to move hundreds of dollars worth of frozen food! If you do nothing, the food spoils and then you have a mess to clean up as well.

When the freezer fails you, the certified technicians at Chad’s Appliance repair service are ready to come to the rescue. We are the best appliance repair service in Choctaw and the most prompt as well.

Why Did the Freezer Break Down?

Freezers quit working for any of several reasons. Defrost drainage hoses get blocked. Condenser coils become clogged with debris. An evaporator fan quits working. Door seals get damaged. And, compressors, thermostats, or relay finally give out after years of service.

When the freezer is not working, it does not matter to you which problem it is. You need the problem fixed before the food goes bad. Broken-down freezes are not good DIY repair projects. There can be electrical hazards and safety precautions to follow. And, when you do this job, the clock is ticking and the food is thawing out. This is not the time or place to be learning about how to do freezer repairs.

On top of that, we find that DIY efforts usually make the problem worse and end up costing you more money, starting with damaged food because the DIY attempts took so long! Many top-of-the-line freezers have extended warranties. These warranties are no longer valid a non-certified technician works on the appliance. Call us at Chad’s Appliance Repair in Choctaw and it will save you time, money, and headaches.

Common Freezer Repair and Troubleshooting Issues

Your Freezer Makes a Loud Clicking Noise

When this happens, you have a bad compressor or start relay. In either case, you need to fix these problems before they get worse and the parts cease to function. Because a low humming is the normal freezer sound, this is an easy “diagnosis” to make.

The repairs are easy too, in the hands of a certified professional. The issue is that the loud clicking tells us that your start relay has burned out. If it is not replaced, the evaporator fan motor will go to and you will need both a new start relay and motor. And, when the noise persists, your compressor may wear out and you will need to fix that as well.

The Freezer Does Not Run or Does Not Get Cold Enough

The first repair efforts for a freezer that is not running are yours. Make sure that your home is getting electricity, the freezer is plugged in, and that the circuit breaker has not flipped off. Or in an older home, has a fuse blown? If none of these is the problem, your next step is to call us at Chad’s Appliance Repair. Common problems are blocked vents, a damaged evaporator fan, or debris blocking the condenser coils. These are all issues that we can fix the same day that you call us for assistance.


Your Freezer Leaks

A damaged water inlet value is a common reason for leaks inside the freezer or onto the floor. Also, a clogged drain tube can be the reason and is something that you can open up yourself.

When Do I Have to Replace My Freezer?

There are freezers that have worked steadily and without problems for decades. However, the expected life of a freezer is about 17 years. When you are starting to need frequent repairs on a freezer that is approaching 20 years in service, consider replacing it. Ask our certified technicians if the repairs they are making are likely to add many years to the life or your freezer or if you are just buying time to get a new model into your home. We want to extend the life of your freezer for as long as is reasonable but will not waste your money with repairs that won’t help. When that is the case, we would rather help you choose a new model, install it for you, and remove the old freezer. When your freezer is acting up, call Chad’s Appliance Repair of Choctaw today.